Saitoti Names Drug Lords and Covers Others


kabui: I am not shouting. I came to know about this website a few weeks ago. I am responding to a post in 2009 when Jun 6, 2015 3:24:19 GMT 3
kabui: i was appointed as Acting MD at Kenya Tourist Board. As was rightly said I was appointed to Act. Maybe, I should clarify. Jun 6, 2015 3:26:41 GMT 3
kabui: Any public servant with the right qualifications can be appointed to act in a public service position until the position is filled as Government must continue. This particular individual seemed to have issues with my qualifications. Jun 6, 2015 3:31:46 GMT 3
kabui: My name is Marianne Kabui Ndegwa Jordan. I hold my position as now MD Kenya Tourist Development Corporation in my own right. Jun 6, 2015 3:33:47 GMT 3
kabui: If you would like to know my qualifications or anything else about the work we do at KTDC, now TFC, Jun 6, 2015 3:37:56 GMT 3
kabui: please contact me directly at It's sad that you believe that Us Kenyans do not have qualifications. A lot of us do. And that is what makes this country so great! It's also sad tha you would believe that the former President and Minister jo Jun 6, 2015 3:44:21 GMT 3
kabui: what if I were a mechanic with a PHD? Would I really get a job to run an Investment Developmental Financial institution? And get a second term? I think more clarification is required on how CEO's are appointed of State Corporations. Jun 6, 2015 3:48:58 GMT 3
kabui: Frankly,everyone has an opinion, but at least deal withFACTS. I chose to work in Public service. I went for the interview because I believed I could help my country. I was employed as Investment Manager at The then KTDC and was promoted to The MD. Jun 6, 2015 3:56:11 GMT 3
kabui: I work very very hard for this country. And will continue to do so because this is our country. Jun 6, 2015 3:57:31 GMT 3
kabui: so, I will leave you with this. Pray, that your children will earnestly seek wisdom and understanding. That they would value knowledge and discernement.and that they will value the truth of Gods word. Jun 6, 2015 4:11:13 GMT 3
kabui: Pray for their eyes to focus on what is right. Pray for their ears to listen to instruction. Pray for their tongues to stop them from speaking evil. Pray for their feet so that God can direct their steps to help the stand fast and protect them. Jun 6, 2015 4:16:37 GMT 3
kabui: from stumbling pray that your children will not walk in the steps of the wicked nor stand in the way of sinners but find wise and Godlly companions on life's journey. Jun 6, 2015 4:21:12 GMT 3
kabui: i am not ashamed of who I am or whom my Father is. I work for the Republic of Kenya and I am Kenyan. Jun 6, 2015 4:24:16 GMT 3
kabui: if you ask me why I am responding to a mail from 2009, castigating me, from someone I really don't know, if I am concerned, shouldn't I be? Jun 6, 2015 4:28:13 GMT 3
jakaswanga: Amigo Mank, umepotea sana bwana! vipi. Jun 21, 2015 15:53:18 GMT 3
jakaswanga: AHOY! DR PATRICK NJOROGE CBK! 30 minutes after fin-sec Rotich denied there is a cash crunch and stated monies to counties have been disbursed in full, the council of govenors called him A CHEAP LIAR! --WHAT IS THIS? FWAKA CLOWNS!? Oct 15, 2015 20:08:53 GMT 3 *
ofrok: the forum is a nice place to argue out to communicate and make valid decisions Dec 16, 2015 7:44:24 GMT 3
mashazack: []Mambo vipi[/], this is a nice place to share our views, great to be here Jan 20, 2016 13:15:41 GMT 3
mank: I was reading an old story titled "... the prodigal son...", or something like it, and like thunder, it hit me ... ease me back home, BIL. From the cast of "LOST". Mar 21, 2016 7:54:31 GMT 3
jakaswanga: I continuously mispelt T-TIP (TTIP). That is Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. I referred to it as TIPP in this thread . Apologies. Apr 26, 2016 22:31:13 GMT 3